My research combines empirical findings in household financial decisions with models that incorporate patterns over the life-cycle (1st paper) or in variations of mortgage outcomes with financial literacy (2nd and 3rd paper). I am also working on social network spillovers in household finance, particularly mortgage lenders' responses to the change in individual search frictions (4th paper). 

"Extrapolative Expectations and Retirement Savings", SSRN link 

Presented at the PhD seminars at the Copenhagen Business School, departments of Finance (PhD day, November 2021) and Economics (Research seminar series, December 2021) and the Micro-Macro student seminar at the University of Minnesota (April 2022). Presented at the 4th International Conference on European Studies in Milan, Italy (June 2022) and the 4th Behavioral Macroeconomics Workshop in Bamberg, Germany (June 2022), in the 1st PhD Workshop on Expectations in Barcelona, (October, 2022) and Brown Bag Seminar at CERGE-EI ( September, 2022). Invited to present at the Brown Bag Seminar at the University of Zagreb, Department of Economics in January, 2023. Invited to present at the 14th International Conference: Challenges for Europe in Croatia (May, 2023).

"Financial Skill and Search in the Mortgage Market", joint work with Ante Šterc, available upon request

Presented at a couple of  student workshops during my stay at the University of Minnesota (January - May 2022). Presented at the 15th Young Economists Seminar organized by the Croatian National Bank in Dubrovnik, Croatia (July 2022). Scheduled to present at the 1st PhD Workshop in Naples, September 2022, 4th European Midwest Micro/Macro Conference (EM3C) in Frankfurt, December 2022; and the Simposio de la Asociacion Espanola de Economia (SAEe) in Valencia, December 2022. Presented at the Student Macro Lunch Seminar at NYU, Department of Economics, March 2023. Scheduled to present at the 10th Annual MMF PhD Student Conference in Sheffield, UK (May, 2023), the 14th International Conference: Challenges for Europe in Croatia (May, 2023), 10th Annual Money Macro and Finance PhD conference in Sheffield (May, 2023), Royal Economic Studies PhD conference in Glasgow (June, 2023), and the XXVI Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics in Vigo, Spain (July 2023).  

"Financial Knowledge Over the Life Cycle: in Search for the Mortgage Rate", work in progress

"Social Networks and the Search for Credit", joint work with Ante Sterc, work in progress